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Some dear friends are making a change. It’s been 7 years with them in their current commitments and they sense that it’s God’s time for a change.  Location wise, they aren’t changing. They’re staying in the same area but it’s time to take up new challenges in that region. 

They have been Directors for a camp. I can remember when they started and it was an exciting new adventure! You could see how God led them to that point. That was His place for them. They got to see the journey in its small, detailed steps. We, their friends, got to see glimpses of it. And God has used them in mighty ways. Lives changed, including their own. They have made disciples of all ages and been used to make a real difference in the world.

And actually in that adventure they were coming back after another adventure. They used to be here, a couple of adventures ago. Like RIGHT HERE in this very neighbourhood. When we were all younger and learning and growing in God. We explored ministry and serving God and laughed and learned as we went. Oh, we had fun then. 

But then God called them away — a huge decision that changed so much  in their lives. They sold or gave away most of their possessions and moved out of town, out of province, out of country to follow God’s leading. Their car was as loaded as it could be — people and stuff and dogs and off they went! An epic God adventure.

And we were left behind. From sharing in adventures to being left behind in an old one.  Wow that kind of sucked! It was difficult and we missed them, missed what used to be.

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We can keep in touch right?

But we’re not very good at that. But we prayed and wished them all good things and grand adventures with God in this new frontier. And God was there and God was here and adventures continued for us all. 

But something is lost to distance. New endeavours come and relationships change. And we’re glad for them and their new opportunities. And we’re glad for our new opportunities. And God leads. We are glad to see God lead them. We’re even a small part of the journey they take when we are able to keep in touch.  But we miss them.

Time to change. Maybe you’re going through this right now or did recently. One of those decisions in life that feels exciting and difficult. God does that. He leads us in decisions that line up with His mission, His word the Bible and the plan He has for each of us specifically.  And it’s good and perfect.

And in hindsight it all makes sense. At the time it’s just a step into the unknown. Following the direction where God leads. Trusting God. Sometimes it’s scary and change is usually difficult. But God brings us to where He uses us. One step at a time, another adventure! Where to next, Lord?

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Old Friends with New Adventures