Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If my life is motivated by my ambition to leave a legacy, what I’ll probably leave as a legacy is ambition. But if my life is motivated by the power of the Spirit in me, if I live in the awareness of the indwelling Christ, if I allow His presence to guide my actions, to guide my motives, that’s the only time I think we leave a great legacy.” – Rich Mullins (1955-1997)

Thinking a lot about being present this month. And it speaks to so many things. To be present is to look at the day differently. To live attentively rather than in a hurry.

To be open to what God has in store. To listen, to watch, to taste, to touch and to smell.

To follow where God leads. That’s not easy to do. We tend to be moving all the time, changing direction and then jumping into the latest pursuit. Maybe that’s why the Psalmist says to be still and know that He is God?

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