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1. God’s Call On You

Do you have a very clear call story? Do you know when and where it took place. How God spoke to your heart and you knew it was God speaking! 

If you’ve got a story like that then you have an amazing reason why we need you in ministry. The God of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob spoke to you in a personal way to call you into ministry and often a particular one. Wow!

That doesn’t mean your call will never change. But you need to take it seriously. Can’t just ignore God can you? (see Jonah for insight)

2. Eternal Benefits To You

Ministry is tough. Ministry is energizing. Ministry is draining. Ministry is wonderful. You benefit from being in ministry in many ways. 

First, you have a role that is vital to God. Feel small, compared to God, but important, prepared by God!

Second, you get to serve others even when they don’t know it. It’s like this grand plan and you know what’s going on ( or at least you pretend to) that will benefit them.

Third, you have something that is worth more than money — eternal rewards. And since ministry if it is paid is seldom well paid. But the eternal rewards are beyond our imagination (because honestly we don’t totally know what they are). 

Fourth, you get to bless people. How cool is that!?

So many people have jobs they hate and are doing negative things that seem to treat people badly, to bother them, to make their lives complicated or to cost them money

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3. It’s Not About Money

If you’re paid to do ministry then you’re in the minority. And the quality of ministry or the joy or the impact is not measured in pay. And we need all kinds of people to jump into ministry. If they don’t, we all miss out.

You know you can’t do it alone. Or if you missed that you’ll realize it soon when you burn out. (take burn out when it comes as a do-over, it’s a good opportunity really despite the pain) 

And most of us won’t get paid. But my experience of ministry isn’t more successful if I’m paid. I’ve done both and hey, it’s not even more fun with money. Doing it and working with great people is a benefit in itself. Serving God in a team is the jazz! And it’s a difficult, fun, frustrating, encouraging process (you’ll see ups and downs) to find, nurture and work with others. But when you see stuff come together, it’s so cool.

4. You Have Struggles, Talents, Personality And Experience That Make You Especially Qualified for Ministry 

You are unique and bring something special to whatever you do. That something special is YOU. God made you unlike anyone else and He has plans for you to make the world different and His kingdom come (see the Lord’s prayer, it’s a classic)

Different roles will suit you better due to your uniqueness and experiences it takes time to find the right space. But they are out there and you can do it.

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5. You Have Spiritual Gifts That Build Up The Kingdom Of God

Not just natural talents and experiences these gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to specifically serve the church and the people in and around it. 

God gave you (and only you) your particular spiritual gift mix. As it says in Spiderman comics, “with great power comes great responsibility”. And rather than being bitten by a radioactive spider you got your spiritual gifts/responsibility from the Holy Spirit. You need to find your spiritual gifts and use them.

6. Your Space For Ministry May Not Be Obvious Or Typical

Too often we think of people in ministry as pastors, missionaries and Sunday school teachers. Yup, that’s ministry for a few, for a minority of Jesus followers. 

But the majority have wide ranging variety of places/methods of ministry. The world is full of people ‘ministering’ in all realms of life — the arts, business, communications, professions, caregivers, educators and parents. 

Whatever you do for work or activity or with family, think of it as ministry, as serving the Lord. God sees you and smiles as He sees you embracing your opportunity to serve. 

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7. Your Ministry Is An Act Of Worship To God 

It’s more than a job or a responsibility. You are worshipping God by what you do to serve Him and people. You can’t have too much worship!

We forget that worship is about praising and glorifying God in ways other than music and religious services. God is worshipped by the work of our hands, our hearts offered to others and the cup of water to a thirsty person. 

Whatever you do whether word or deed do it in the name of Jesus to the glory of God. That’s worship. (Colossians 3:17)

8. Your Ministry Speaks To The People Around You

You probably don’t know it but it does. People are watching you and they need examples in serving God. They need to see that serving God is a wonderful opportunity and a joy as well as a struggle. 

They don’t need to see you’re perfect, they need to see that Jesus is enough even for you in your weakness. Does your ministry mix look unusual. We need your example on good days and bad. Life is ministry in all it’s facets.

People need to see Jesus in you as you serve. Just like Paul lived out Jesus’ example so do you.

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9. The People You Work With Will Benefit You 

Some of the greatest most surprising humans I’ve ever met were those I ministered alongside. People who made me laugh, people who taught me things and people who changed me forever. I can’t imagine how my life would be without the encounters in ministry I have had.

When you think you’re bringing it, get ready because God’s going to use someone you least expect to minister to you. Get off your high horse and let someone wash your feet, maybe literally. And if you don’t get off God may have to  give you a shove.

10. You Will Get Hurt And Jesus Is Prepared For It

People hurt people. Organizations hurt people. We are great at inadvertently or purposely bashing other people. It would be great if it weren’t true. But it is. 

So what do you do? Quit? Maybe. There are right times and good reasons. And God know sometimes quitting is the right thing. 

But maybe that’s where resilience comes in. 

Maybe that’s where faith in Jesus really kicks in.

That is where really spiritual growth happens. 

Jesus said we’d have trouble in this world. He’s not surprised by it and neither should we be. But He also said He’d be with us and that He brings peace that the world can’t bring (John 16:33). 

Lean into that when you’re bashed, bruised and feeling unappreciated. He’s got you.

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11. Because God Commands It

Jesus sent His followers just like His Father sent Him. If you’re a Jesus follower, a pastor, a minister, a Christian, a disciple or whatever word you use then you’re sent. You’ve got the command to follow. So pick yourself up and go for it. (John 20:21, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8)

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11 Reasons You Need To Be In Ministry