Woke up this morning discouraged at all the things I hadn’t done the day before, (or the day before that as a matter-of-fact). Thinking, why am I even doing this, what makes me think I can do this?

Very frustrating.

The good news is the sun was shining. The sun shine always encourages me, a little bit at least.

I thought, wait a minute — I have a day where I can do this, where I can make things happen. Where God willing I can accomplish some stuff. 

One of the things I thought to do is to look back in my journal. (if you don’t keep a journal, I recommend you start because you can keep track of your victories, the things you’ve accomplished, the desires of your heart, what God has spoken to you — all those things). 

And yes, even the hard days. Because by keeping track of the hard days, the discouraging days you’ll be reminded that you came out of them and how you did. How God showed up. 

I look back in my journal and I see where God has spoken and directed me. I see where He showed me scripture passages that encouraged me to do what I’m doing. 

I’m not doing what I’m doing on a whim. I’m doing what I’m doing because it’s what God called me to.

God has used me in the past. God will use me in the future. I just have to be willing, available and do the work. God uses me multiplied beyond what I can imagine.

Maybe you woke up to a discouraging day. 

  • You’re not accomplishing what you thought you would. 
  • You failed at something. 
  • A relationship is hurting. 
  • Your health is not good. 
  • You’ve got more work than you’ve got days to accomplish it. 
  • You lost your job.
  • Pick your own, lots of discouragement to go ’round

Okay, I feel that. It sucks. It’s bad, discouraging, frustrating, or it makes you really angry. 

But hear me my friend, YOU are not done. 

God’s got you and He’s got stuff for you to do. Stuff that changes everything.

And if you’re bogged down thinking of the bad things. What about the good ones?

Yes, there are some.

  • The things you’ve accomplished,
  • The people who you love and who love you,
  • The encouragement you’ve received from others.
  • The help you’ve been able to give,
  • Blessings in your life (I made a list of those and it helps put the bad stuff into perspective)
  • the simple words of a kids’ song, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so” (the simplest best explanation of our faith, BAM!)

Faith is about getting up when you’re knocked down. Faith isn’t all about accomplishment and success. It’s about being in relationship with God. And even on bad, terrible, no good, very bad days God is still God. 

God is still with you even when you can’t feel it. 

Look at the sunshine, it’s a reminder. 

Look at the waves, the wind, the animal life teeming around us, the leaves on the trees, the storm that rages with thunder, lightning, snow, rain, hail and ultimately a rainbow. God is still God. He is still there.

Here’s a few possible encouragers…

  • Joshua 1:9 – be strong and courageous, don’t be discouraged because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go
  • Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
  • Matthew 28:20 – I will be with you always
  • That time you heard God speak into your life…the still small voice that spoke into your heart.
  • Or That time you heard a message or sermon where God spoke directly to you and you knew what He wanted you to do.

I don’t know what kind of day you’re having today. But I’m praying for you — I’m praying and God knows who these prayers are for.

Go with God!


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Woke Up Discouraged