I need to clean out my computer! I’ve got old files that I haven’t looked at in years. I discovered resumés and cover letters from a whole slew of jobs I applied for. There’s stuff from about 4 or 5 years ago when I was looking for a bivocational gig to help support my church planting endeavour and family.

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I see opportunities for communications leaders for organizations and businesses, project leaders in community groups, creative endeavours and leading teams for community groups and ministering in a campus or seniors’ environment. All have requirements that I and others thought I met well. I had excellent references from friends and work contacts who felt I would bring good things to the jobs.  

Words were even tossed around like “perfect for this opportunity” and “this sounds like God’s spot for you”. But I didn’t get any of them. 

People were praying. I was praying. 

I can even think of one that sounded perfect with my experience, skills and where I’m at in life.

And when it came along I thought, “there that explains why I didn’t get the other 5 jobs I applied for!” This one was coming and God knew it. I was looking for months but really it was just waiting for this gig. Again friends noted “this sounds just like you” and “you would be perfect for this”. 

I spoke to the person in charge of the process. We had a really good chat. Brief but good. They told me what day the interviews would begin. 

I got the call. 

I was ready. 

Let’s set up that interview!

But I didn’t get one. I didn’t even make the first cut to an interview! 

That was discouraging. And I even felt let down by God. I thought He had me lined up for that one. He knew how good I’d have been there.  He knew …he knew…actually he knew a lot of things I didn’t. So, there could be plenty of reasons I didn’t get that job. Yes I have to remember that beyond all I or others thought we knew, God actually KNEW.

People thought I’d be great. I thought I’d be great. But I guess someone else was better or maybe it would have conflicted with what I was already doing. There could be any number of reasons why I wasn’t the one.

I did ultimately get a job although it did not seem like the perfect job. But it was a job and it worked for me. 

And a year later I got the next one I applied for after that. I even got that second one over a number of younger probably more gifted candidates. I may not have been “perfect for it”. But I was there 2 1/2 years, I got excellent performance reviews and they were sorry to see me leave. I enjoyed that job a lot. I still miss it sometimes.

Gigs that seem like the perfect fit aren’t always for you. Maybe what seems like the less ideal job is the right place. Grab onto God listen to Him and don’t count on that perfect job popping up. 

Maybe you’re perfect for something that isn’t your dream job. Maybe you’ve got a lot to give in a new unexpected situation. Don’t shortchange yourself by missing an opportunity or others by not serving them.

Or your perfect fit may be coming so do seek it out. Pray, wait, and move ahead as you can.

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Jobs I Didn’t Get, Ghosts of Resumés Past