YOU NEVER KNOW WHO GOD IS GONNA USE was a song by the late Rich Mullins. Always encouraged me to hear that song. It talked about all kinds of people in the Bible that God used …Miriam who danced, Samson who had his sight taken , Balaam’s donkey [okay not a person but used by God!}, Esther who married well, Mordecai her smart uncle, and a baby are just a few of the examples. All ones God used and probably didn’t expect it.

I remember Amos in the biblical book of the same name, who said, 

“I’m not a professional prophet, and I was never trained to be one.I’m just a shepherd, and I take care of sycamore-fig trees. But the Lord called me away from my flock and told me, ‘Go and prophesy to my people in Israel.’” Amos 7:14-15 NLT

Amos had no pedigree or standing in polite society. he was not rich or a powerful. He was a simple man of the land — a shepherd and a gardener with sycamore-fig trees. But God called him and used him.

Who are you? How do you define yourself or describe your possibilities?

In some ways it’s not important. We don’t have to meet certain qualifications for God to use us. God will use whom He desires. Just like the song mentioned above or in Amos’ story. Read the prophecy God had Amos deliver. It’s a lot of things to say, a lot of responsibility from God laid on this simple farmer. 

But God picked him and he did what God wanted.

In ministry, I’ve had the joy of helping equip and encourage some people to listen to God and do what He has for them to do — to believe that God really does want to use them. They have a higher calling than just living for themselves. They are children of the King, serving Him in ways only they can. 

I love it when their eyes shine as they get it. As they see God made them for a purpose. It’s no different with you. God has stuff for you to do. Yes YOU!

God doesn’t look at you as unworthy or unskilled. He doesn’t see that your hesitation or fears disqualify you to serve Him and the people He has made.  God doesn’t think, “Oh no, you won’t do, I need to find someone else”. 

God looks at you and says, “I’ve got something for you to do”. Maybe it’s a continuing gig in ministry or work or maybe it’s a a one time word or encouragement. 

Maybe you doubt or don’t totally understand it, but God’s got things for you to do. 

Could be a hand offered to someone who needs it. You might know them well or not at all. Maybe it’s what you’ve been preparing for in school, work, ministry or business. 

But God looks at you and say, “yes, it’s you, I’ve got something for you to do.” 

Trust Him as He entrusts the task to you.  

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God Wants to Use You