Okay okay, I know that God is omnipresent and always here. He is there or here or wherever we might be ahead of us. Got it! But it doesn’t always feel that way does it? I know it’s not about feelings…but life includes feelings as well as facts.

Some days we seem to be talking to the sky or doing things in our own waning strength. We don’t perceive the response of the Almighty or those to whom we minister. Why are we doing this if things don’t happen, if people don’t grow, change, appreciate or show any other signs of impact.

I would say that we all think that sometimes. It’s just the way people are — inconsistent, struggling and disappointing. And yes, they’re great too but we’re not talking about that! And WE are people too! We don’t grow in a constant skyward climb. We struggle and fall back. But then we prayerfully get up and go on again. Sometimes it just seems like the frustrating downward trajectory is ongoing.

Sometimes we despair of seeing fruit in our ministry relationships or in others’ relationships with God. “Why can’ they just get it and get it right!” We might shout or at least think.

But then, and sometimes it’s a long time coming, God shows up. The struggler shows signs of hearing from the Holy Spirit. Maybe there’s understanding of Scriptures or a positive step taken because of something God showed them. And we see Jesus in what’s happening.

If you’re in a “God seems to be missing-in-action time” and things are going awful in the people you thought God was changing then take heart! No, not because of a cliché platitude or even a glibly repeated verse. But because God is there (back to theological and  factual truth) and He does care for you and for the people you minister to. He knows the hard stuff. (and certainly better than we do) 

He KNOWS YOU, your heart, your struggles and your longing for people to be changed by HIm. So, let it rest with Him. Pray. Minister. Don’t give up. 

Do turn to the Scriptures and find one that speaks to your heart. Here’s a few that have spoken to me at difficult times. Try one or five! Read, listen to the Spirit and reflect.

Hebrews 10:39

John 16:33

Matthew 11:29

Matthew 17:17

2 Timothy 2:13

btw I ‘m not writing out you the actual verses because I believe it is a personally productive step of faith for you to look them up. Plus, it’s not uncommon for God to highlight another passage as you search. 

A powerful piece of advice comes from late singer/songwriter Rich Mullins, “Reach out to Jesus, hold on tight”

(Rich Mullins’ song, BOUND TO COME SOME TROUBLE)

God bless you!


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When God is Missing