Hmmm, it seems like my play by play comments always tie into my failings. Well, I guess that’s okay. The whole idea is a┬ábehind the scenes with this blog.

Over the last two weeks, our fam has been away to eastern Canada spending time in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. What a great time with the family and seeing such a beautiful part of the country. We enjoyed the scenery, the cooking, the music and the lifestyle. Definitely a precious place on this planet.

But being on the road and not being the most disciplined and having several technical problems I missed out on blogging. During two weeks I managed one post on Holy Imagination and a couple of short ones to Wandering Prayer. I didn’t send out an E-news to update you on the blog. I had hoped to do better.

I guess all I can say is that I was busy resting. Can you say that? Doesn’t being busy imply movement and stuff happening?

But if you place a priority on taking a break and spending time with your wife and children I guess you can honestly say you are busy resting. And I was.

But now I’m back. And although I really REALLY enjoy taking a break and being with my family I also really enjoy getting back into the routine. The rest helps and the ideas and energy flow. So, rested, reinvigorated and ready to write I will do better in the weeks to come. And really that’s all I can do isn’t it? Can’t re-do the past few weeks.

btw if you get a chance, take a break, take a trip, rest, spend time with your family and friends. let it reinvigorate you!



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