Play by Play #3

Here’s the thing. I admit I have been a procrastinator and I’m not very organized. 

I am a skilled procrastinator. 

Not sure there is such a thing as skill at being disorganized. But it could be an art. I can put things off with the best of them! And with the Holy Imagination E-News my goal is to publish weekly. So, I do that, right? 

Well, I’m still a procrastinator and I’m still not very organized. So, as I look back over the last few weeks I can see that my weekly email to my subscribers has not been so much weekly. Here are the editions…

February 22, 

-then eleven days later on March 11, 

-then 9 days later on March 20, 

-then (oh my) 19 days later on April 11, 

-then 11 days later April 22 

-then 9 days later May 2. 

Today is May 17 and that works out to 13 weeks with my weekly e-news going out 5 times. (moderate sigh)  

Okay, I will be doing one shortly so that’ll make 6 times so that adds up to almost biweekly. And when you look at intervals like 9 days I counted that as a week since it was the next week since the previous e-news. So, not altogether bad.

But did I fail? Should I quit? Is this another in a long list of failures?

Yes, I failed in my goal of weekly e-news. But I’ve had failures and I’ve had successes throughout my life. Neither defines me and neither keeps the other from happening. 

My other goal is to publish at least one blog post a week. and over the course of 20 weeks from the first week of February I have only missed that goal 3 times! YESSSS! That’s an accomplishment. 

So, will I always achieve my goals from here on in. Haha, probably not. 

But I’m not quitting (despite having a great history of quitting, that’s many other stories). 

I reaffirm my goals: 

  1. I will strive to publish at least one blog post a week and often more.
  2. I will publish my E-News weekly.

So , dear reader, I hope you will bear with me and we can continue this creative disciplemaking adventure together. It is a process and a journey (another post to come soon). 

Have you a goal that you’ve failed to meet lately? 

Admit it. Embrace it, We learn from failures.

Don’t give up. Unless that’s just where you are and you decide it’s time on a particular project or effort. But let me encourage you. I believe you can grow and succeed and learn and go on. So, why not? 

God believes in you. He sent His Son to save you and bring you into relationship with Him. That’s a pretty big deal. So, why not give whatever you’re struggling with one more try?

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