11 Ways You Can Improve Someone’s Day (& Yours Too!)

  1. Walk someone else’s dog – good for you for exercise and takes a chore off someone’s hands. Plus the dogs love it!


2. Notice and compliment something good or wonderful in someone – people don’t hear enough honest compliments. They’ll love it and you’ll feel good too.


3. Smile more – your attitude improves and others will respond to you differently than if you’re scowling or indifferent.


4. Speak with kindness and enthusiasm – probably you’ll surprise people and both kindness and enthusiasm is contagious


5. Do something unexpected, silly and fun – We ALL need more fun.


6. Call your mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle and chat for NO REASON AT ALL – Not because it’s Father’s Day or someone’s birthday or they just had hip surgery or anything. Just because. That’s such a Jesus-y, loving thing to do.


7. Do someone else’s chore around the house – And don’t tell them. They’ll love it but the suspense of not knowing who did it will drive them happily crazy. (Only works to create suspense if there are more than two of you in the household)


8. Surprise someone with a treat, balloons, a spontaneous date (assuming you have a relationship with them, if they’re your secret crush it can be kind of creepy), an encouraging greeting card (better than email), or something else you know they’ll like.


9. Eat a meal with your family somewhere fun. Could be a park on a blanket, a fun restaurant, a cool café, a car picnic (good for rainy days), the restaurant at a small airport where you can watch planes taking off (works in a marina for boats too).


10. Make up a holiday and celebrate it – for example, Crazy Hat Day, Pajama Day, Aussie accent day, Clothes That Clash Day, 


11. Take a walk or hike with someone you haven’t connected with in a long time to catch up.

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