Stories to Tell: God Knows Your Name


Movie clips can be a fun way to illustrate a point.

Subject: God’s love, God’s care for you and how He knows you personally, your uniqueness

Intro: In the movie, AN UNFINISHED LIFE, a young girl named Griff (Becca Gardner) and her mother (Jennifer Lopez) flee an abusive boyfriend and take temporary refuge with Griff’s grandfather who didn’t even know she existed. The grandfather, Einar Gilkyson (Robert Redford) lives on his ranch in Wyoming where his life is weighed down by memories of his son’s death in an automobile accident for which he blames his daughter-in-law, Griff’s mother.

It’s a bitter friction-filled situation where young Griff and her grandfather take small steps toward communicating. Einar is in his barn milking a cow surrounded by cats enjoying pans of milk. He is interrupted by his granddaugher’s innocent curiosity,


Griff: What are their names
Einar: Who?
Griff: Your cats.
Einar: They don’t have any names.
Griff: How do you tell them apart?
Einar: I don’t tell them apart.
[Griff looks confused, END SCENE]

Extro: A brusque old rancher has no time for naming “barn” cats and investing love and affection in what is an expendable possibly unhealthy animal. In her childlike trust, Griff assumes the cats must have names and her grandpa must care enough to tell them apart.

God knows us by name and even more He counts the very hairs on our heads. We live only a short time by God’s standards but every day and every moment of our lives is important to Him.

By the way, as the movie progresses, Griffin plays with the cats and gives them all names.



On DVD the scene is in chapter 6. It begins at 30:58 and ends at 31:32 WARNING – Be sure to stop prior to scene change when Einar is fixing his pickup and cusses it out.

AN UNFINISHED LIFE, Rated PG-13, written by Mark Spragg & Virginia Korus Spragg, and directed by Lasse Hallstrom, produced by Alan Ladd Jr. , Miramax Films and Revolution Studios, released 2005;

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