Stories to Tell: Don’t Encourage Like Phil


Movie clips can be a fun way to illustrate a point either negatively or positively. They speak to our visual society.

Subject: Encouragement, powerful words, competition,

Intro: The movie, KICKING AND SCREAMING stars Will Ferrell as Phil Weston who sells vitamins for a living. Phil has always wanted to please his father, Buck (Robert Duvall) but has never been good at sports or measuring up to his father’s standards. Buck coaches Will’s son in soccer. But the son isn’t very good and his grandfather actually trades him to a team called The Tigers. Phil takes on coaching his son’s team and  manages to make it to the finals. Phil has lost his perspective and is obsessed with beating his father. His pep talk to his team is meant to propel them to victory. It’s not great.


Phil: Guys, listen up. Now I don’t think it needs to be said more than once how important today’s game is huh? This is what we’ve worked all year for.

Boy: Coach, why are you whispering?

Phil: For dramatic effect. You step on this field, this is all about you. I mean I’m not going to be the one staying up late at night you know, punching a hole through the window or crying myself to sleep or wettin’ my bed. Okay, that’s not going to be me ‘cause I’m fine. I’ve got my vitamin store to go back to, I’m going to be just great. I’m going to be great.You either win and go on to greatness or you lose and probably face a serious of cataclysmic events for the rest of your lives. Bring it in guys, tigers on three, whisper, one, two, three, Tigers…[End Scene]


Attribution: Clip is in chapter 15 of the DVD running from 1:09:07 to 1:10:15. KICKING AND SCREAMING is rated PG and written by Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick, directed by Jesse Dylan, a Universal Pictures & Mosaic Media Group Production released 2005

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