Stories to Tell: Yule Like This New Tradition


Stories are incredibly powerful ways to get a point across, inspire people, and to catch your listeners’ attention. Jesus used real life stories and metaphors all the time. Regularly in this space I will share stories that you can use in your leading and teaching.

Possible Subjects: traditions, yummy ideas, Christmas traditions, real meaning of Christmas

In recent Christmases there has been a trend of Yule Log Videos. You know, as a way to get you in the Christmas mood and if you don’t have a fireplace you can have one on your computer.

One particular video combines Christmas music, a yule log and Jimmy Dean Sausages cooking. It lasts 11 hours! And at the end there was a coupon for sausages!

People are “eating it up”, sorry for the pun. Their kids fall asleep watching the video, they comment online about how long does it actually take to cook sausages properly and it has become a tradition for some families, oh my!


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