Stories to Tell: Drop the Cell Phone!


Stories are incredibly powerful ways to get a point across, inspire people, and to catch your listeners’ attention. Jesus used real life stories and metaphors all the time. Regularly in this space I will share stories that you can use in your leading and teaching.

Possible Subjects: inspiring people, new ideas, family time, communication, sweet rewards

A Chick-Fil-A franchisee in Suwanee Georgia, Brad Williams, was tired of seeing families eat together staring at their cell phones. So he introduced the Chick-Fil-A Cell Phone Coop. A box on their table where families can deposit their silenced phones while they eat. If they leave the phones in the box until their meal is done they get free ice cream! The idea has caught on and has spread to hundreds of Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Williams noted that some families fail the first time they take the challenge but they come back and try again and succeed  so then they all get sweet rewards, ice cream!

What a fun way to encourage people to relate instead of staring t mobile devices! Is there some fun way like this that we could use to inspire and challenge the people in our ministries? Adults? Teens? Children?

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