Stories to Tell: Avengers Infinity War

Subject: unity of the church, great tasks, teams, overcoming differences

The second trailer for the movie, AVENGERS INFINITY WAR is a loud, eye catching, superhero filled romp. But I realized it’s a good illustration of The Church.

The characters, fictional though they are, come from all different places, cultures, races, and even planets (okay that’s maybe not quite typical of most churches). The last time we saw some of them together they were fighting with all their might against each other.

In the trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy’s StarLord turns to Iron Man and tells him his plan is great “except it sucks”! Sounds like a meeting of denominations!

But these wildly different characters all come together in unity despite their differences to achieve a common goal, to defeat Thanos. And we in our many different styles, races, church cultures all need to come together in unity for our common goal, the making of disciples, spreading the kingdom of God.

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