I am an introvert. That’s one of the reasons I like writing. I can express myself without having to be in a crowd. Introverts tend to be less outgoing and prefer to be quiet and on their own than to be part of a large crowd.

The odd thing is that I also enjoy speaking to groups — churches, colleges, volunteers, youth, business people, all kinds of people really. But I enjoy that because I am passionate about what I have to say and so I jump into that role to get a message across. And it’s fun and creative I use a lot of humour and I enjoy the interaction with people. I love delivering a message that will inspire, inform or motivate people to action.

But being an introvert I tend to not be very strong at self promotion. I will do the work and then not tell anyone what I did. (I know there are others reading this who can totally identify with me) It’s not uncommon for creative people to be very introverted and to resist self promotion. That’s me!

So, now that I’ve launched my two new blogs I need to get the word out. And the common way to do it is to make contact with a bunch of people and ask them to check it out, like it on facebook, tell people they think would be interested, share it with others and sign up for my email newsletter. Sounds easy, right? But then the introvert and his friend the imposter jumps up in my subconscious and says,

“No one wants to hear about that, no one is interested,
what makes you think you have something to say! Don’t bother people!”

And the introvert tucks tail and says nothing. (sigh)

But not this time!

So, here I go, I’m posting this and then I’m telling friends about my new endeavours asking them to tell others, to sign up for my email news and to like my stuff on Facebook. Onward!

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