We’ll call this line of writing, the play by play for holy imagination. I will document the doing of this blog, it’s kind of a commentary on the steps along the way, and hopefully it will encourage you to do stuff with your creativity. It’s all taking steps to get things started, moving and done.

Play by Play, kind of a commentary

I bought this blog domain just over a year ago and have been pretty effective at procrastinating on starting this. I have brought procrastination to a well honed practice in my life.

And it was an external encouragement that helped me to get going again. Being a regular listener to the Problogger Podcast, I heard about the Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog Course from Problogger. Thought to myself, this is a good point for a fresh start! So I signed up for the course, did the work and last week on International Start a Blog Day I launched two blogs — www.holyimagination.com and www.wanderingprayer.com. YES! Score Jim 1, procrastination 0!

For years, I’ve done occasional blogging on the subjects of creativity and faith. It has been both fun and inspiring. It’s been cool encouraging people who have creative urges or are growing in their faith. Sometimes they just need to hear an encouraging voice.

Now I’m committing to do this on a regular basis. I know I’ll be tempted to procrastinate. But if I don’t start then I’ll never get more disciplined. So, here goes…once a week minimum as I begin.

Thanks Darren Rowse and the team at Problogger for your help!

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