We all need people we can trust. Someone whose advice you seek because you know it’s good and they are reliable, capable and experienced. There are no lack of opinions around these days but someone you can depend upon is so rare.

Alan and Sandy were like that for me. For over 40 years I went to them and they helped. They gave practical, experienced advice. They asked clarifying questions (which had to sometimes be explained to me since my response often was “I don’t understand what you mean?!” haha!) And they’d even take time to explain the advice a second time or more so I’d get it right. When they’d ask, “can I help you?” they really could!

And that’s the thing. With their advice and handy items from their hardware store I was a successful home handyman. I still would not to this day call myself a home handyman but as tasks were done successfully I at least felt not totally out to lunch (a grand aspiration eh?). Yes, they were my local hardware store owners.  People who had expertise and really cared to serve their people.

Over the years, I fixed faucets, walls, doors, lights, yard drainage, garage doors, ceiling fans, toilets, garbage cans, cupboards, and showers. I painted and varnished.  I was able to tackle most household jobs but was never left to just my own very limited knowledge.

I’d ask basic stuff and they’d talk me through the steps. I could even go back and reconfirm something if I got confused. Helped that they were close by — trustworthy and in the neighbourhood! 

trustworthy and in the neighbourhood

All those years, I didn’t have google or youtube but I had Alan and Sandy. They could be abrupt, quirky even but always they took the time to help. Always. They’d disassemble something in store to show me how it was supposed to work in my house.

They could definitely be especially abrupt with one another. More than once, I’d see Alan or Sandy stalk away from the other in the store muttering about something in frustration. They were a couple whose lives and work were totally intertwined and that caused friction sometimes. But they were there for “their people”. A lot of people depended on Alan and Sandy. They retired recently and they are missed. 

Now I’ve got youtube and google and it’s helpful. But it’s not the same. 

But better than online help, God has provided a really helpful friend who has skills and infinite patience with me. Amazing how God provides beyond what you can ask or imagine!

In your life and ministry do you have people you can trust? (not just for handyman tasks)

People who are willing to take the time to explain how something works and how you can take on a new challenge?

People whose experience is beyond your own?

People who encourage you and who you can encourage?

If you don’t, then starting praying and looking. They are invaluable. Maybe you can be that for someone else. 

I pray you find people and are people who are trustworthy in life, ministry and home repairs!

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Someone You Can Trust