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Encouragement is a gift that shows up in my life and ministry over and over. It might be a friend asking to chat about their future and where God might be calling them or a church asking for help as they consider direction for their youth ministry or a young person who wants advice and prayer on God’s call in their life. it’s a lot of fun for me to see people listening to God’s voice and taking the leap of faith into the next step in their ministry journey.

A lot of time it’s about listening or affirming what’s happening in them. Sometimes it’s saying “don’t give up!” (okay a lot of the time it’s that) But my call has clearly been making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus and part of that is spurring others on in their ministry adventures. 

“Don’t Give Up!”

Over 20 years ago, I saw almost all the youth leaders, paid and volunteer, in one Canadian city quit over the course of 18 months. Youth and families were left hurt, unsupported and bewildered about what had happened. Out of that situation, we started a ministry serving smaller churches and connecting youth leaders in that city to give them further support and ability to serve. Over the course of 9 years in that ministry we multiplied from two youth leaders to a couple of dozen, many of whom served for years and some are still serving today. 

We need to support and encourage our fellow disciplemakers. Those who serve in the name of Jesus are too often left unsupported and quit in exhaustion and lack of being discipled themselves.

I don’t differentiate between paid or volunteer roles

When I speak of disciplemaking I don’t differentiate between paid or volunteer roles. The varied roles are not less important and the people who serve are suffering just the same. And again this includes people in all areas of ministry — pastors, parents, Sunday school teachers, business people, teachers, worship leaders, counsellors, child care workers, youth workers, institutional workers, social workers, administrators, hospitality and mercy ministry workers.

So, if this sounds helpful to you please join in and use this website as fuel for your Holy Imagination — your God-ignited fire of bringing the kingdom. There will be blog posts, podcasts (in planning stage right now) and networking . It’s free although there will be ways to support this ministry financially in the future.  And if you want more encouragement for yourselves and those who minister with you, please subscribe to our newsletters that will encourage you as a leader and those who you minister alongside.

As it tells us in Hebrews, we are to spur one another on to acts of service and good deeds. We persevere and serve the Kingdom of God.

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