If you’re not in a relationship it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a date or a break from the day-to-day routine. Or this idea applies just as  easily if you’re in a relationship. Time on your own is good. A quiet meal on your own can be a treat. Do something special for yourself. Feed your relationship with yourself.

You don’t need to justify an activity

by adding another person. 

We spend time with our significant others to get to know them more or to have fun or to grow in our relationship. You can do all this on your own. Okay, maybe not so much an out loud conversation but spend time with your thoughts. Do something fun. 

Some of these ideas might be not suit you and that’s okay. You’ve got to work it out for yourself. What would be a relaxing or rejuvenating time for you?

I’ve always enjoyed going to movies even when I went alone. I know this is  tough for some people. But hey, often if you have a date with someone else they don’t want to see the same movie you do anyway. So, go on your own. You pick the movie and no one else can complain! Snack choices are up to you and no one will mooch off of you.

Or go to that restaurant you enjoy. Again some people find this tough. But remember YOU are great company. You don’t need anyone else to validate going out or taking your time. If it helps you feel like you have a plan and don’t need anyone you can always bring a book to enjoy with your meal or read a book on your phone. Although for me the phone option feels like restful since the phone is so often a tool of urgency — “Answer the call now! Read the text, quick! Answer that!” (Seems I have an issue with my device)

Make a reservation (be bold! “Reservation for one please!”) or pick a table with a good view. Request it if they try to seat your somewhere you don’t like. Remember if you were on a date you might request a booth for a romantic evening so why not request a seat that suits you on your own.

I repeat, you are worth it.

Is there some place that means a lot to you? Take a drive and enjoy revisiting your old haunts. Hike, bike, climb, swim or sail. What’s fun for you? Again, you don’t need company to make it worthwhile. Do it for you. 

Go to a gallery or museum. Go to a concert or theatre. You can often get a really good seat if you’re only buying one ticket. I decided to go to a theatre performance once and got a front row seat within a day of the show since I only needed one seat!

So, go for it, take the time for you, on your own. Enjoy a date with you.

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How About a Date with Yourself?