No, not with me. With your significant other — spouse, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend. [if you don’t have a significant other, your post is coming next time, so tune back in!]

You’re probably very busy and they probably are too. But you need time together and not time with your kids or doing work or chores. Time for the two of you — couple time.

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic going on we didn’t have a lack of date options. Our usual date spots were closed! I know my wife and I were really looking forward to the day we can go to a movie together. And finally that day came recently! Popcorn, a good dramatic movie and no kids. That’s one of our go-to dates.

(side note: we love to go to movies with our kids too, but that’s not a date)

…trot out those creative date ideas!

So, maybe it’s time to trot out those creative date ideas you used to come up with in your earlier days when you have no money but lots of love. The drive-in movie in your backyard or a trip to Rome as you watched an Italian movie and ate spaghetti in the basement. Bake together and then feed each other fresh cookies or cake — crumbly fun! A romantic candlelight dinner at home could be yours if you either have no kids or if they’re game to watch TV in the basement for a couple of hours. 

During Covid in the late stages, take out food was still a thing around here so my wonderful wife and I have a parking lot date once a week. We’d get takeout, sit in our car and talk and eat. Just time alone, enjoying each other’s company and a meal (even it’s fast food). And now restaurant dining areas are beginning to open and so we can actually go inside — what a luxury — (if we feel okay with that) and eat.

You are worth it!

Give yourself a break and time to rest or rejuvenate. Care for yourself

Whoever you are, a date can give you a rest, a break, a reminder that you are more than just a worker bee. You’re a romantic soul with an inspiring partner and an epic love story. Write a new chapter, How We Kept Our Love Alive During/After Covid*19.

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How About A Date?