Being tired for a day, a week or as long as you remember is not a good place to be.

We all have times when we’re running to make deadlines or just feeling like our to-do list is doing us in. But gritting your teeth and pushing on isn’t the best option.

Take a nap.

I’m not even talking a long sleep, although you might need it. I’m thinking a power nap of 20 minutes in your day to refresh yourself. If you sleep too long you get groggy and that’s not helpful. But set your alarm,  let yourself fall asleep and get up after just enough sleep can set your day on a better path.

When I was younger I didn’t nap. I scoffed at naps.

“Who needs naps, I’m tougher than that!”

I had memories of my grandfather who fell asleep in a living room chair, head back, mouth open — snoring! That’s not me. (actually ask my kids, sometimes it is now! they find it quite entertaining)

But a brief strategic (doesn’t that word make it feel like a better idea) snooze can set you up for a more productive day. So, why not try it. No cost, and twenty minutes of rest can make the next hours more impactful.

Try it!

An important side note, if you do need a long sleep, say 8 or more hours. that’s another story. Take a sabbath, a day off work for your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health and get some sleep. Don’t fill the day with stuff. Give yourself time and permission to rest and definitely sleep! God mandates a sabbath for us. HE knows we need it  but we forget all too often.



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Consider a Nap