Spent time with a friend today and it turned out it was his birthday — his 93rd birthday! I didn’t know!! Argh!

I didn’t know it was his birthday until I heard someone wish him a happy birthday! Oh man, I could have brought him a card, I could have bought him a coffee at Timmy’s. I could have, I could have…well I don’t know… DONE SOMETHING!

HE’S 93!!!! (that’s amaaaazing)

But we did what we often do. We hung out. We played pool. (he beat me as usual) We talked about life and people. And I think he was happy with our time. I don’t think he felt depressed that I didn’t bring him a card or a coffee or a new car!

One of the best ways to make a disciple of Jesus is to spend time. Do normal stuff with the person you’re discipling or drawing to Jesus. Jesus wants a relationship and a growing relationship with each of us. And for us to be in relationship with one another is a huge part of that process.

Back in my early youth pastor days (the late 80’s I think) I remember taking teens with me to the laundromat. No, I didn’t make them do my laundry. I did my laundry (didn’t have a washing machine at home) and in the hour or two it took to wash and dry we just hung out. We talked, ate junk food and talked about life. And the normal “chore” time made for a relaxing chat and it wasn’t special but it REALLY WAS! We got to really talk.

Not saying you need to get people to do laundry with you. But spending time in relationship without it being a special thing is a great part of making disciples of Jesus.  And I bet you could put your own special spin on it.

Could be while doing some hobby, or chores like laundry or grocery shopping or repairing something at home. I got to spend a whole day with a kid once when he helped me move a bunch of furniture.

Think of the normal times and make them matter!

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