So, as we discussed last post, the theme of Spiderman from 1962 forward has been “with great power comes great  responsibility”. And that’s really relevant to those of us who follow Jesus and strive to live our lives following the Bible. 

But I think the reverse is also true. 


With great responsibility comes great power!


What responsibility do you have? 

What has God entrusted you with? Yes, that includes the decisions and commitments you’ve made. God is in that right?

Are you a parent, a spouse, a leader, a teacher, a pastor, a friend or … (you fill it in). Take a few minutes and think what responsibility do you have?

There is great power there. It might not feel like it often. You might even feel powerless. Parents you’re feeling that one aren’t you?

So do pastors, teachers, spouses. leaders, and JUST ABOUT EVERYONE! Powerless!

It’s not just you, we all feel helpless and powerless sometimes, maybe even often.

That’s our first great power that we get from responsibility —feeling powerless or desperate.


If we think we have it all together and we can handle it all by ourselves then we’re in danger and we lack the power we really need. 

A Bible College student asked me years ago, “What is the most important quality a youth leader needs?”

I told them it was desperation. The best thing to have going for you is to know what you don’t know. To realize that you don’t have all the answers and that you can’t do it on your own.  You’ve got to depend on Jesus. In John 15, He said, “apart from me you can do nothing.” 

That’s not a limitation. That’s empowerment! 

We have responsibilities of a formal or informal nature and we have the great power of depending on Christ and the Father and Holy Spirit on our side.  

So, we pray, we listen, we look to the Bible and we depend on God. Not just planning and setting up everything to the best of our abilities and pretending God’s in control. Really we do what we can do but we depend, actually depend on God.


The second way great responsibility brings great power is that people look to us and believe. 


WE might struggle with insecurity and impostor syndrome but they look at us and see parent, spouse, teacher, pastor, prof, friend. They expect something based on that responsible role.

If you’re a pastor, then pastor and lead the people God has entrusted to you. They believe in you and so you’ve got to believe it and walk out your role.

If you’re a spouse or parent then be the spouse or parent. Don’t settle for being a friend as your role if you’re called to more. (Seriously, don’t do that) We all need friends but we need our spouses and parents to fulfill their roles. And that is a responsibility that gives you the power to do so. Even if you don’t always know how. That’s where we jump back to the previous point of turning to God. 

Don’t abuse that power. Use it as God desires. It’s an awesome power. 

Just four years ago (wow seems like yesterday) I changed roles from Discipleship Pastor to Church Planter or as I prefer Disciple Making Catalyst. I daily have to make sure I believe and walk out that role and don’t miss the opportunity and the power that God has given me. I need to lead with dependence on God and the family of Jesus that is my team. 

When I got up that first morning, it was a whole new ball game. I had different responsibilities and different power in that. I felt it. I needed to believe it and go do it.

It was the same as I started to be a husband and also the day I became a parent. Everything changed, I changed and the power I had to love and care for someone else was frightening and wonderful. 

So, what is your role that people believe in? Do you believe in it and embrace it? Do you walk it out daily?

You have great responsibility. You also have the great powers of: 

  1. feeling powerless/desperate so you must rely on God
  1. people believing that you can fulfill that responsibility. 

Reach out to God in all you do and walk out the responsibility you’ve been given.

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With Great Responsibility…part 2