Okay, this is the part where we get out of the canoe. No, I don’t mean when I tip and fall in the water, which happens sometimes or often. It’s thinking about the statement, “life is better…”

In the previous post,  I concluded that life is better in a canoe. It’s a great place to be. 

But life is better as a follower of Jesus. I really believe that. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade my relationship with God for anything else. And that’s how it should be. 

From Deuteronomy 6, (and Mark 12 when Jesus affirms it) we are called to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Sounds like a command but really it amounts to a request to love God as wholeheartedly as God loves us. And that makes a ton of sense. But yes it is a command too.

God sent His Son Jesus to free us from sin and bring us back into relationship with God. 

We have God with us in relationship including the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

We have the Bible, God’s love letter that speaks to us in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. It includes stories, poetry, prophecy, history and teaching.

All of those are huge reasons why life is better as a Christian. And more importantly, we can demonstrate that in our personal stories. It’s those personal stories that will speak to others. 

People who know us and can see our lives should be able to see that life is better with Christ. 

Of course, that assumes we let them see. 

We need to tell our stories but we also need to just live as followers of Jesus. In teaching our children, we talk about letting our light shine (this little light of mine…). That includes prioritizing spending time with God, offering to pray for people, attributing good things in our lives to God, and living as if we believe in God versus just believing in our own efforts. All of these things will speak to people without preaching. Most of us are terrified of preaching or beating people over the head with our faith.

Maybe we need to approach the Christian life more like canoeing?

*You move ahead with intention and direction. That’s akin to paddling and navigating the river.

*Sometimes the life of faith carries you beyond your control. That’s like gliding with the current. That can be bad.  But thanks to the current you also move ahead without effort or the need to plan. That can be good with the Spirit’s power and leading. 

*You find beauty and wonder that God brings into your life. Same in a canoe.

*And at times you struggle against the current and obstacles. It’s the same in a canoe and life with Jesus. Your plans fail. Sometimes you fall in and get wet.

But the journey with a canoe or with Jesus is well worth it.

Life is better with Jesus. 

Life is better in a canoe. 

I guess that makes life with Jesus and getting to go canoeing a pretty amazing day!

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Life is Better part 2