“Life is better in a canoe”

Wow. Yeah, I can see that.

I read that statement on a sign as I drove past a canoe rental on the Grand River. Makes sense eh? They want to rent you a canoe or maybe even you and friends a bunch of canoes.

But I think they’re actually right. Life is better in a canoe. 

But the idea that life is better in a canoe sounds good to me. The stillness of a quiet lake, birds singing, the sun shining just enough (not baking us on a hot day), paddling gently in rhythm with another person as you glide through the water. The water tranquil and clear so you can see the rocks, plants and fish. Peaceful. Serene. 

Now I’ve made myself want to go canoeing!

Or canoeing on a river with the current helping you along, the beautiful sound of rushing water, life teeming around you as birds take wing and fish leap. The waves splash on rocks and you steer around obstacles seeking the best path as you explore what the river brings next. You’re working harder but it’s the kind of work that invigorates and gives you a sense of fun and accomplishment as you travel. But drifting at times too when the current carries you onward, face up to the sun, at rest.

You might even tip your canoe, purposely or accidentally.  The yelps of surprise, possibly indignation at the one who tipped you, and fun as you splash in the water are a whole other reason to enjoy canoeing for a lot of people. (Note, I am not one of the those people so don’t be tipping my canoe)

I think life might really be better in a canoe. Wow. Didn’t really ever think that before.

And unless you’re a solo canoeist, it’s also about who you canoe with. Who might that be for you? 

Think of someone who makes you smile as you think of canoeing with them. I bet someone comes to mind. 

My first choice is my wonderful wife. Spending time with her is my favourite way to spend time away or off. That’s the primary reason. She’s a good person for steering while I am not so much. She knows how to canoe better than I. She has the balance while I am balance challenged and getting in or out of a canoe without falling in can be a challenge. But it’s mostly about the companionship. 

That companionship includes our conversations and how well we know each other. It includes being quiet and enjoying the beauty of something like canoeing and it very much includes sharing a deep appreciation for God’s creation. We both soak up the wonder and beauty. (no pun intended about ‘soaking’ related to me falling in)

Or definitely my kids. I love to spend time with them and canoeing is special time.

Now you might say, “hey Jimbo, what’s this got to do with making disciples?”

A lot!

Time in God’s creation is how so many people connect with God. Doing that in a group or family is a great discipling time. Time with others who you are having fun, bonding and relating is a vital part of discipling. Life on life is the prime way to grow as a disciple and disciple others.

Part 2 coming shortly

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Life is Better…pt. 1
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2 thoughts on “Life is Better…pt. 1

  • August 22, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Been canoeing all my life C1 C2 C4 war canoe kayaks and pleasure boats some times racing some times push tripping fishing or just gliding along
    taking in creation or the thrill of white water.. You know you are right life is better in a canoe.

  • August 29, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Cool. Thanks Alan!

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