A day can bring a lot of different things. One week ago, we were in the latter stages of an ice storm so all the schools were closed. (I received a phone call at 6am last Monday to tell me I didn’t need to drive my school bus that morning due to the ice. Okaaaay, but I haven’t been driving a school bus for months! So, just an unnecessary wakeup call, sigh) Over the weekend, when the storm began, all kinds of things were closed including many churches.

But this weekend we finally achieved spring kind of weather. Sunshine and warm temperatures awakened us from our wintry lethargy. People had their bikes and rollerblades out, many wore t shirts and some wore shorts. I even heard of a little girl who had a wading pool out for an early season swim.

So what? 

So, yayyyyyyy!  Finally!! We feel like it’s been so long since we had nice warm sunny weather. And it continues today. 

So seize THIS day — grab onto the sunshine and warmth and do something outside or by the open window. Put a chair out on your deck or patio and use it. Walk, work, bike, read in this wonderful weather or take your quiet time outdoors somehow. 

And it’s a great day to connect with someone else in the sunshine. This kind of day people are looking for something to do outside. What a great day for an encouraging ministry conversation.

What a great day for an encouraging ministry conversation.

Let the sunshine brighten their day. Buy them an ice cream, frozen yogurt or smoothie.  Add some encouraging words about how you see God at work in them or what a great leader they are. That kind of day can really start out someone’s week amazingly. 

There’s great health, attitude, and I believe spiritual benefit to being outdoors in the sun. So, find  a reason or make an excuse and take some God time, work time or recreational time seizing this day. Meet someone outdoors for a walk, a chat or just to catch up. 

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Seize THIS Day
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