What did you enjoy doing as a child? Maybe it’s something you still do?

Or is it something you used to eat and when you eat it now you feel like a kid again? Adults sometimes forget to eat childish things and enjoy them like kids. 

Think back to your childish delights… (imagination is drifting, drifting, taking you back…and)

Marshmallows roasted on a campfire (at least that’s what I went to)

Or even better, S’mores!


Ice Cream Floats

Cherry Cola (Oh yes!)

Orange pop (soda to my American friends)

Gummy Bears

Remember when food was fun?

As a small child, I remember my mom making “faces” for our lunch. Actually just a slice of white bread cut in four pieces with peanut butter or cheez whiz (a cheese spread that you might know) on it and then eyes, noses and mouths made with things like celery or cherries. That was a SPECIAL meal for a little kid. It was simple but fun.

Think of food like those above, or something different if those don’t click with you. Make it for yourself or your family and then talk about what it was like being a kid. What a great time with your family! And time together is so important and your family is your first responsibility as a maker of disciples. Don’t miss this chance!

Our kids love to hear stories of when we were children.

How did you use your imagination? 

Were you loud or quiet, artsy, musical, mechanical, athletic or what? 

Or as many kids, were you all of it because you weren’t shy or self conscious yet. That comes later as we get mature.

Now take some time and jot down ideas based on child’s play. 

* how you thought

  • what was fun
  • how you understood God and life and the world. (I remember thinking in heaven we’d get Pepsi any time we wanted. Because as a small kid I wasn’t allowed to have it!)

How could this childlike thinking effect what you do as a maker of disciples? 

How can it impact your ministry?

Instead of always being serious in meetings what about playing a game? Actually instead of having a meeting (kids don’t do meetings) just have a get-together or if you dare, call it a playdate!

Have your leadership team or co-workers join you for fun!

And make sure people realize how important it is for them to come. Fun is not an option, it’s vital to our lives and relationships.

What would kids enjoy? 

Do it with your team.  Go out and play together like kids having a birthday party. Go for laser tag, bowling, virtual reality or mini golf. Or keep it simple and play dodgeball or hide’n’seek at your house or church or other space. 

Oh, and watch the competitive attitude! I played baseball with a church team a time or two and some of those pastors can be a little too competitive.

Serve some kid type food/snacks. Laugh and have fun, without shame enjoy the simple childlike things that you and they probably remember. You can even talk about what it was like as children who did or did not connect with God. How was God real to you and how could that help you make disciples now?

You could just be like children together and not get all relevant and adult with it. But if they or you need a scriptural basis for what you’re doing then read Matthew 18:3 or Luke 18:17.

You could ask for a child’s perspective on what your church or ministry is doing lately. Think of the simple childlike perspective on your ministry and how it could move forward in simple childlike faith.

But again, you don’t have to make a meeting out of it. You could just have fun. God likes fun. He created it. Really. Just having fun together is a big part of being and growing disciples.

But the most important part is that you “be kids” together. It will help your personal connection with people you know well and even those you’ve just met. Many people will love it. It gives new perspective on what you do and how you do it. It gives fresh air that God can use to change/improve/reimagine your ministry. 

C’mon have some fun, be a child again and let it freshen your ideas!

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It’s Child’s Play!
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