Okay, sounds like a gripe doesn’t it? Kind of like, “what’s wrong with you?” or “why are you so…?”

But that’s not what I mean.

What I’m saying is that you are unique. There’s no one else quite like you.  You are, as the Bible says, “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Even if you had what we call an identical twin they aren’t completely identical to you. You are different. Hooray!

But if we are followers of Jesus we have a particular call — to make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20, John 20:21, Luke 24:45-49, Acts 1:8, Mark 16:15-16) And that is the mission of the Church — to make disciples of Jesus. 

We have one mission but many unique people.

We have one mission but many unique people. 

So if we put those two together then we see that we all probably have a variety of ways of making disciples. Or put another way, when we combine our efforts as a community called The Church we get a variety of collaborative ways to make disciples. It’s like chemistry or music or dance or mathematics. Each of those areas combine things that produce results — chemical compounds, songs, dances, numerical results.

So, think about that. You have a unique set of personality, gifts, training, emotions and experiences. From the unique person that you are you get to make disciples of Jesus. You won’t make them exactly the way someone else does. 

You might use the same Bible translation and even some other identical resources but you also bring this God given uniqueness to the process of making disciples. Embrace that! Your uniqueness will work with those you are discipling for Jesus and help them to become unique disciples of Jesus.

None of us is John Templeton. (unless of course John reads this) John was one of my disciplers a bunch of years ago. He played a huge part in my formation as a disciple of Jesus. (btw if somehow John ever sees this, THANK YOU for how you contributed to me as a person and follower of Jesus!) John was a quiet, deep, sincere, strong, caring, lover of Jesus. He discipled me in the way only he could. 

What can you use as you disciple others for Christ?

Is it a skills area, an interest or something else?

Storytelling, singing, design, rock music, integrity, crafts, teaching, cooking, leadership, serving in the background, Bible memorization, nature, business, art, sports, prayer, science, mechanics, physical fitness?

God made you special and He made you that way so you could make disciples of Jesus in your own special way. And your special way can work with others to make disciples in even more ways! 

That’s a beautiful thing about the Church. Each local version of the Church is a unique manifestation of God’s creativity.

So, take some time and pray, think and ask God how you can use your uniqueness to make disciples? He didn’t make you to do it like anyone else. And He trusts you can do it.

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