A friend is revving up to go back to a past creative pursuit. But her question to me was

“What if I’m no good anymore?”

Alas (okay, I never get to use that word in a sentence, so there it is!) I think a lot of people struggle with that. The feeling that, I used to be pretty good at …!

Yes, I think practicing with our gifts is necessary to get good. But I think if you go back you could get back to where you were with a little effort and then with your newfound maturity (we must have some right?) will bring something new to your creative pursuit. So, go for it!

And don’t let naysayers keep you from trying. They might be trying to protect you or maybe they’re just wishing they could fit back into their high school marching band uniform but can’t.

Try, practice, get back those muscle memories in your music, painting, baton twirling, dancing, drama, gardening, woodwork, baking, pottery or whatever your past thing was. If this pursuit brought you joy and creative outlet once upon a time I bet it will again.

Rediscover the joy! (Even when it comes with struggle)



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What If I’m No Good?
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One thought on “What If I’m No Good?

  • February 9, 2018 at 8:01 am

    This is true the first step to get back starts from the inside of you. Your willingness to get back on track.


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